Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Mad Men Library

In honor of the season six premiere of Mad Men, Cinema Style takes a look at some of the books (official and unofficial) on what is perhaps the best period drama in tv history. Course that is just my opinion but pretty sure the show's three million viewers will agree.

Sterling's Gold: Wit and Wisdom of an Ad Man
Roger Sterling
Grove Press

Next to Don Draper, Roger Sterling (played brilliantly by John Slattery) is the best character on the show. Fans will recall his character writing his memoir last season and now fiction comes to life. Who can ever forget "Bazooka Joe"? I will leave that one alone.  A few of the more memorable Sterlingisms:

"Look, we've got Oysters Rockefellar. Beef Wellington! Napoleans! If we leave this lunch alone it will take over Europe."

"Who knows why people in history do things? For all we know, Jesus was trying to get the fishes and loaves account."

"They say once you start drinking alone you are an alcoholic. I'm really trying to avoid that."

"Remember when God closes a door he opens a dress."

"She died like she lived -- surrounded by the people she answered phones for."

Mad Men: The Illustrated World
Dyna Moe

A campy, kitchsy look at the world of Mad Men from Sally Draper's cocktail menu recipes to a step by step instruction on how to design the perfect bouffant and all beautifully illustrated.

The Fashion File
Janie Bryant
Grand Central Life and  Style

One of the most talked about aspects of Mad Men are the costumes so it's a natural that the show's designer wrote a book. Fashion File: Advice, Tips and Inspiration From the Costume Designer of Mad Men is just that. From Joanie's voluptuously curved dresses to Betty's sheaths, Janie Bryant has done a spectacular job in creating sixties fashions we want to wear now.

Mad Men after hours Soundtrack
David Carbonara

Mad Men after hours is a great compilation of the original music from the series and perfect background noise for cocktail hour. And yes, the show's theme song "A Beautiful Mine" leads off the CD.

If you find yourself racing to Itunes after the show is over looking for the name of a certain song, you might like Mad Men: Music From the Series. Jack Jones's Wives and Lovers, Julie London's Fly Me to the Moon and Vic Damone's On the Street Where You Live are just a few of the numbers. Just don't expect to find Zou Bisou Bisou -- I am thinking a lobotomy can't remove that song from my head.

Season Six two hour premiere is  Sunday, April 7th at 8 pm central. Look for lots of sideburns, a trimmed down Betty and the answer to last season's cliffhanger when Don is asked by a pretty girl in a bar, "Are you alone?" The season also ended with Roger's acid trip, Lane's suicide by hanging, Megan pursuing an acting career, Joan kicking out her rapist doctor husband, Pete's affair and Sally entered womanhood.

Photo Credits: AMC, Perigee, Grand Central, Grove Press

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