Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Stars Are Out on Pinterest

Since the website's inception in 2009, millions have become addicted to the process of creating a collage via the phenomenon known as Pinterest. Chances are that you too have
"pinned" and organized some of your favorite images ranging from favorite quotes and recipes to home decor and fashion -- and you are not alone as the stars are out on Pinterest:

Ryan Seacrest

Producer, American Idol television and radio host Ryan Seacrest is everywhere these days so it stands to reason he would be a prominent fixture on Pinterest. A perennial trend hunter, his boards are on the cutting edge of what's new in technology, music and fashion wise -- and he even dedicates a board to the grilled cheese sandwich:) Be sure and check out his board "What the future holds."

Katherine Heigl

A look on the board of Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl tells you all you want to know about her psyche, home life and style. Who knew Pinterest could become such a psychological profile?! Of particular interest are the boards "For My Girls" and "Styles I Love."

Loved this "just tall enough for orchids" stand

Martha Stewart

You might know Martha Stewart would have the most instructional and inspirational Pinterest site. Besides the expected food, organization, decor and wedding boards, be sure to take a look at "My Look Book" for a peak into her past, photo-wise that is.

Katie Couric

Daytime talk show host Katie Couric has an insightful set of pinterest boards from "People I Admire" to "Best Advice Contributors." Not sure what to make of her "I Heart Bacon" board candied bacon for Super Bowl Sunday?

Demi Moore

You can tell  that actress Demi Moore aka Mrs. Kutcher's has an incredible eye for design based on her pinterest "Furniture and Fixture" boards (she really loves lighting!). Her bucket list is pretty insightful too...Wonder why she is still going by Mrs. Kutcher though?

Happy Pinning and Happy Easter!

Photo Credits: Pinterest

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