Friday, June 15, 2012

Designing 007

If you find yourself in London this summer with no tickets to the Olympics, be sure and catch Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style at the Barbican. From 1962's Dr. No to the upcoming Skyfall, the exhibit chronicles the incredible evolution of the most famous secret agent in history. It's all here - Sir Ken Adams, Peter Lamont and Syd Cain's fantastical set and production designs, automobiles, gadgets, props, and the costumes and tailored suits (everyone from Armani and Tom Ford contributed to the James Bond look).

The One and Only and Accept No Imitations: Sean Connery
(Pierce Brosnan was a great runner up)

The Car: Aston Martin

The Gadget: Little Nelly helicopter in You Only Live Twice

The Bond Girl: Ursula Andress in Dr. No (and the first)

The Production Design: Ken Adam's sketch for the
Fort Knox "Rumpus Room" in Goldfinger

The  Suit: Pierce Brosnan in Brioni

The Set Decoration: Goldfinger
The Villain: Blofeld (Donald Pleasance) and cat in You Only Live Twice
The Martini and a Bath: Diamonds Are Forever

The Soundtrack
The Barbican exhibit opens July 6th and runs through September 5th. For the Bond aficionado, this is better than a martini shaken not stirred...and beats the penthalon and torch relays any day.

Photo Credits: Danjag/United Artists, Brioni