Thursday, January 26, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

For those of you attending the Las Vegas Design Market (or just happen to be there at the blackjack table and need a break), I will be speaking on Designs on Film on Wednesday, February lst at 2:00 p.m. with a book signing to follow. There are some wonderful speakers and events -- designers Clodagh, Jamie Drake and Anthony Barratta just to name a few -- and you can check it out here. I will let you know how I do at craps -- wonder if I can place some bets on the Oscars? And something tells me that Elvis song will be stuck in my head for the duration of the trip.

Elvis and Ann-Margret in Viva Las Vegas

The Oceans 11 gang at the Bellagio
Update on Uggie the Dog: He is retiring after his strenuous scene stealing moments in The Artist. My friends at the Weinstein Company shared the following -- Born in Florida, Uggie is nine years old and "re-homed after he was too wild and high-energy for his first owners to be a single companion dog." He was soon adopted by an animal trainer and began his film career. He traveled with the "Incredible Dogs Show" performing stunts on a skateboard (apparently a crowd pleaser at a recent Today Show stint) and even shot a commercial in South Africa.

His film credits include Water for Elephants, Mr. Fix-It and Disney's Life is Ruff. He has recently announced his retirement and going out on a high note with Cannes Film Festival and Golden Globe appearances (I predict the adoptions of Jack Russell Terriers will triple after the Oscars). Apparently Uggie sleeps indoors in the master bedroom with his family on his days off and lives in a multi-dog and cat household. I am seriously in love and he will be missed. 

Sharing the screen with Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon in Water for Elephants

Uggie in The Artist

Will he get his AARP card now? And SAG benefits?

Photo Credits: Warner Brothers, The Weinstein Company, Twentieth Century Fox