Saturday, May 15, 2010

Purpose, Passion and Ping Pong

I thought I'd share with you my recent cover story for American Airlines Celebrated Living on Susan Sarandon whose upcoming film Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps was previewed at the Cannes Film Festival this past week. Sarandon plays the mother of a young trader (Shia LaBouef) and gets caught up in the real estate/economic crunch. A very timely tale indeed...

While we know the Academy Award winning actress for her many multi-faceted roles and volunteer work (she's played everything from a nun to a gun-toting waitress on the lam -- and who can forget her role as Janet in the cult see-it-at-midnight classic Rocky Horror Picture Show?) -- she is also an ardent activist and about to tackle the real-life role of empty nester.

Sarandon has also added another passion to her resume -- ping pong! She discovered the sport while working with a group of documentary producers and eventually partnered on SPIN New York which is a bar and table tennis club located in the Flatiron district. All players at all levels are welcome and I am glad to see ping pong become fashionable! For more about SPIN, check out their website.

Wall Street 2 premieres September 24th. You can also check out Sarandon in HBO's You Don't Know Jack and currently in theaters, The Greatest with Pierce Brosnan.

Photo Credits: Time Magazine, Celebrated Living, SPIN New York.


  1. I've been meaning to comment here for a while! Thank you for this piece, Cathy, on one of my favorite actors, Susan Sarandon.. I will never forget her as Louise, the waitress on the run, caring for her best bud Thelma, while confronting her own pain, in "Thelma and Louise". And her lemon-slicing in "Atlantic City" was fascinating to watch. She seems like someone you could talk to about anything. And that quality comes out in force when she's on screen.