Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Red Carpet Issue

The Academy Award ceremonies have been around since l929 when a group of 270 guests paid 5.00 each to dine on Lobster Eugenie and "Los Angeles Salad." Back then, it was all about the food....apparently today it's all about the fashion.

For a juicy behind the scenes insider's look at what really goes on with the Academy Awards red carpet, check out the Sundance Channel's documentary The Red Carpet Issue which airs Thursday night at 7PM CST. 

French filmmaker Olivier Nicklaus interviewed numerous designers, stylists, celebrities, editors, and fashionistas as they jockey for position, making sure their frocks land on the backs of a glamorous star. A A few of the engaging interviews include stylist Karl Lagerfeld, Phillip Bloch, Georgina Chapman, Marc Jacobs and Roberto Cavalli. Exposure and press are the name of the game.

For more on my commentary of The Red Carpet, see The Huffington Post.

Fashion stylist Mary Alice Stephenson scours the runways for her clients

Actress Anne Hathaway

Photo Credits: Sundance Channel, Tears of Joy Video

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  1. Well of course women fans have always known what women stars were wearing - only instead of the instantaneous broadcast of the Red Carpet they would have to wait for newspaper and fan magazine articles and photos. My take on it is that there was even more of an emphasis on merchandising stars' apparel in the 30s and 40s to everyday women than there is today. Today it's the celebrity that's sold.