Sunday, March 7, 2010

And the Oscars went to...

Congratulations to the Academy Award winners for Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design.
Well deserved!!!

Best Costume Design: The Young Victoria

Costume Designer: Sandy Powell

Best Are Direction Winner:  Avatar

Production Designers: Rick Carter and Robert Stromberg
Set Decorator: Kim Sinclair

Photos: Twentieth Century Fox, Apparition


  1. Not to take anything away from Sandy Powell, who is most deserving, but as she said herself, designers of contemporary films (non-historicals)never get Oscars these days. The Costume Designers Guild has several categories of awards, so there is some recognition among their peers. But yes this Oscar lack just reinforces the popular notion that a costume is something you wear on Halloween and fashion is worn today.

  2. I know, I thought that was wonderful what she said as well as very generous. The same thing can be said for art direction as well.