Monday, September 30, 2013

The Divine Dante

The Age of Innocence, The Aviator, Meet Joe Black, Interview With the Vampire and most recently, Hugo are just a few of the incredible celluloid worlds created by Academy Award winning production designer Dante Ferretti. With a body of work that includes 50 feature films, 24 operas and collaborations with directors Fellini, Zefferelli, Scorsese, and Coppola, his designs are at long last  being celebrated at New York's Museum of Modern Art.

Dante Ferretti: Design and Construction for the Cinema features a large scale multimedia installation with  original set pieces from his Oscar winning films (Hugo, Sweeney Todd and The Aviator) and a six month retrospective of 22 films showcasing his exceptional work (much of it designed with wife of 35 years and set decorator Francesca Lo Schiavo).

The exhibit opened September 28th and runs through February 9th. For more information, see the museum's site here.

The train station clock, a centerpiece of the film Hugo

Getting ready for its closeup at the Museum of Modern Art

Ferretti's Golden Age of Hollywood sets for The Aviator with Leo DiCaprio

Kate Beckinsale as Ava Gardner in The Aviator
The Age of Innocence with Michelle Pfeiffer and Daniel Day Lewis

Ferretti's drawings for The Age of Innocence above and below

Drawings for Mrs. Mingott's conservatory

Meet Joe Black with Brad Pitt

Photo Credits: Museum of Modern Art, Warner Brothers

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