Saturday, August 3, 2013

Haute Hollywood: Armani Casa Set Design

International Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani and Hollywood have held a long standing relationship as the venerable fashion house has costumed everyone from Richard Gere in American Gigolo to Dark Knight's Batman and Leo DiCaprio in the upcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street. It's only natural that the company's offshoot Armani Casa has ventured into set design.

Premiering August 16th, the high tech thriller Paranoia (Relativity Media) will most likely be upstaged with Armani Casa's sleek and chic interiors. The film tells the story of a young exec on the rise (Australian actor Liam Hemsworth) who is asked to spy on his boss's mentor. Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman and Richard Dreyfuss also star in the espionage tale.

Armani Casa worked with production designer David Brisbin (Twilight Saga) on the furnishings and accessories for Hemsworth's character that are unmistakably Armani. Costume designer Luca Mosca also worked with the fashion house on costumes for Harrison Ford who plays a classic corporate villain. 

For more on the Armani Casa home line, see their website here.

Actor Liam Hemsworth who will no doubt compete with the scenery

London Sofa

Logo Lamp with satinated black medal base

D'Alembert storage unit

Bar stool with black steel legs
Dancing low table
Edel Chair

Oldman, Hemsworth and Ford

Photo Credits: Armani Casa, Relativity Media


  1. It is interesting that none of the pieces of furniture are particularly distinctive, except for the pair of Edel chairs. Wealth is suggested not by the finishes but the luxury of space, including what appears to be a three story living room, and a terrace. And, of course, the suiting color scheme plays an important role. Traditional wood French doors are an interesting choice, too. It's a treat to see!

    1. I too thought the Edel Chairs were the standout. the bedroom looks like it will be of interest as well. Can't wait to see the film!