Friday, October 19, 2012

A Perfect Marriage

The worlds of interior design and entertainment collided this past month forming the perfect union -- a mega furnishings retailer and a hit primetime show.

Retailer Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and set decorator Beth Kushnick of the CBS drama The Good Wife launched a new home furnishings line that allows viewers to purchase a piece of the show for their own homes. Aptly named The Good Wife Collection, the line (available online and in stores) features sofas, chairs, desks and pillows from the Lockhart/Gardner offices and lead character Alicia's home. Interlude Home will also offer a line of coordinated accessories through Horchow online.

The show has been enormously popular, prompting Kushnick to develop a Good Wife blog and subsequent furnishings line. Here's hoping that fashion retailers take notice and develop Lockhart Couture:)

The Good Wife is on Sunday nights on CBS at 8/9 central. For more on the new venture, see my Architectural Digest piece here.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Diane Conversational Chair

The perfect pull up chair for home, office and home/office. This versatile chair could even find a place in the bedroom. Love the fact its both traditional and modern at the same time much like Diane Lockhart.

Kalinda's  Leather Chair

Can't you just see Kalinda's boots dangling from the chair with a gun in her lap? I am not a huge fan of the wing but the modern lines of this leather chair are making me rethink the whole concept.

Zemico Side Table

This handcrafted iron base table can be seen in lawyer Eli Gold's office. Perfect as a side accompaniment or paired together as an alternative to coffee tables, it makes a statement whether you are orchestrating political warfare for a gubernatorial candidate or just need a place to prop your feet.

Mahima Twig Boxes

Apparently these are a favorite of Emmy award winning actress Julianna Margulies who plays lead character Alicia. They are hand painted and made of "sheesham wood" and great for storage or hiding a multitude of secret files.

Photo Credits: Justin Stephens/CBS, Mitchell Gold Bob Williams, Horchow

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