Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ralph Fiennes, The Interview

He's been called a writer's actor, workaholic, heartthrob, sex symbol, thespian and complex. And that is just for starters.

Will the real Ralph Fiennes stand up? Read more about the charismatic British actor and his upcoming film Coriolanus (Weinstein Company) in my cover story for Celebrated Living. Charming and enormously talented, he had me at Quiz Show

Fiennes in The Constant Gardener

As Charles Van Doren in Quiz Show

As Amon Goth in Schindler's List

Director and star of Coriolanus

With Jennifer Lopez in Maid In Manhattan
Photo Credits: Celebrated Living, Weinstein Company, Universal Pictures.

And on a personal note, RIP Vali (1995-2011). You are missed more than you know.


  1. I am a huge fan of Ralph Fiennes. I first saw him as Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights with Juliette Binoche. It was unforgettable. Such a gifted actor. And I am so sorry about your dog. Such a sweet photo. Much sympathy to you.

  2. Thanks Lisa -- Fiennes was a wonderful interview and what a body of work. And yes, we are grieving for Vali -- coyotes! If you have pets, be very vigilant. I only wished I had been.

  3. Vallie was more than a pet...she was a constant companion and a best friend...she may have died badly but she lived SO WELL!!! She was exactly where she wanted to be, with the person she wanted to be with...we were all blessed to have her as part of our lives, and we will never forget...

  4. Susie,

    Beautifully said and thank you for your generosity and allowing my mom to be a part of her life.