Monday, September 5, 2011

When Worlds Collide: Fashion and Film

Fashion and film has always been a perfect marriage and whether we realize it or not, a major influence on how we shop. (Case in point -- just look at the millions of clothing items sold over the years by those who wanted to channel their inner Carrie from Sex and the City). It's interesting to see how the worlds of celebrity as designer and ambassador and fashion collide and the right endorsement can mean major sales for luxury and mass brands. Will a consumer buy a dress because it looks good on Naomi Watts (Ann Taylor) or pay $30,000 for an alligator bag as seen on the arm of Victoria Beckham (and now in her new collection)? It's a concept retailers hope to take to the bank.

Since its New York Fashion Week and Fashion's Night Out (FNO to some of you in the know) is September 8th, I thought it would be fitting to look at a few retail/celeb marriages:

Katie Holmes and Barneys New York

Katie Holmes debuted her line Holmes and Yang at Barney's NYC with business partner Jeanne Yang, noting the line is for real people "mixed with Diane Keaton." The collection is a mix of suede, silk and suiting in cerise pink, red, white and black and the vibe is definitely more career oriented. Prices range from 325.00 for a camisole on up to 9.000 and available at Barneys and Harvey Nichols in London. 
Tie Blouse 715.00

Criss Cross Dress

Barbour: The Steve McQueen Collection

No one did biker chic better than Steve McQueen. For that matter, no one did anything better than Steve McQueen. From the infamous motorcycle scene in The Great Escape to a game of chess in the Thomas Crown Affair, McQueen symbolized looks that were classic, elegant, timeless and a bit of a rebel. Barbour teamed up with the late legendary actor's estate for the ultimate in cool -- think motorcycle jackets and you get the gist. 

Baker Jacket

Papillon Jacket  - perhaps named by the film

Jennifer Lopez and Kohl's:

The press kit reads that J-Lo "channels the timeless allure of Old Hollywood in a contemporary interpretation of classic, sexy glamour..." and that works for me -- plus you can't beat the price point. Launching this month, the line will feature signature J-Lo looks from wide leg pants, shearling and faux fur to winter shorts and a Jennifer Lopez Home Collection. You can see more of the collection at the Kohl's website.

Sheath dress with faux fur vest

Brigitte Tote
Jennifer Lopez Home Collection

Kate Winslet and St. John Knits

The venerable St. Johns Knits have stepped up their game with a new fall campaign featuring Kate Winslet. The Oscar winning actress recently told Women's Wear Daily, "They want to keep it looking like me and not have it look like me pretending to be a model wearing these clothes. I'm obviously not a model. I'm not the size of a model. I don't have the face of a model or the shape." I disagree  as many women will totally identify with her curves. The line is definitely a more contemporary, youthful collection for St. Johns and looks fabulous.

Milano Knit Dress in Camel 795.00

Kate Winslet and Lancome

Celebrities loaning their faces to cosmetic companies is certainly a mainstay and actress Kate Winslet will be the face for a small makeup collection at Lancome this holiday season. Her charity, The Golden Hat Foundation which helps autistic children will be the beneficially of at least 150,000 euros from the collection's sales.

Winslet has also collaborated with fellow actresses Emma Thompson and Rachel Weisz and set up the British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League to support (and defend!) natural beauty in Hollywood.

Reese Witherspoon and Lindex

I guess it's fitting that the Tennessee native would team up with Swedish fashion chain Lindex to design a line of California denim and clothing. The collection is seventies inspired which translates into lots of ponchos, jeans and floppy hats. You can purchase the items online at the Lindex site.

Bryce Dallas Howard and Kate Spade

Fresh from the set of The Help, actress Bryce Dallas Howard became the first celebrity face for Kate Spade. The red headed beauty starred in the company's ads this past spring and is featured again this fall. The daughter of director/Opie star Ron Howard admitted that the classic Kate Spade bags were at the top of her Christmas list as a teenager. The ads are colorful, quirky and Bryce's classic looks are a perfect fit with the brand. The fall campaign was shot on the streets of Soho and Howard is said to be channeling the late Amy Winehouse. I love the cutting edge mix with Kate's bold colors -- you can check out the video here.

On another note, one of my favorite new blogs is from friend and former special projects editor at Architectural Digest, James Munn. Launched in August, cinemagumbo: Random Musings on the Art of Classic Film  covers a variety of topics from Hollywood's Golden Age and I look forward to his posts.

Photo Credits: Kohl's. Babour, Lindex, Lancome, Kate Spade, St. Johns Knits, Holmes and Yang, New York Times.


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