Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Style of Jolie

As if a full acting career, six children, philanthropic work (UN Goodwill ambassador) and partner of Brad Pitt was not enough, the Academy Award winning actress has added jewelry designer to her already full plate.

Designed in collaboration with jeweller Robert Procop, The Style of Jolie collection features semi-precious and precious stones from citrine and white quartz to diamonds and emeralds designed to"capture and enhance the eyes." The collection was auctioned and sold to lucky buyers and proceeds went to the Education Partnership for Children in Conflict and will no doubt be seen on future red carpets to come. But you won't see them on QVC.

Pear shaped earrings as seen on Jolie at The Tourist film premiere

103 carats set in yellow gold for the Exceptional Emerald necklace
Five row citrine tablet bracelet

Emerald beryl pendant necklace

Vintage choker as seen in The Tourist

 A special thanks to Patt Morrison for her segment with me on Designs on Film. You can hear The Patt Morrison show on LA's NPR station here.  Also thanks to Italian Vogue for their feature on Designs on Film in the April issue. Now if I can just find a translator....

Photo Credits: AFP/Getty Images, Splash, Vogue


  1. I just saw the Tourist last night and was marveling at the fabulous choker and the spectacular wardrobe. Like you, I have no idea when she is finding the time. Congrats on your feature in Italian Vogue and your segment with Patt Morrison!

  2. Glad to see proceeds are going to charity.

  3. Never has an an actress, mom and philanthropist looked gorgeous as her. How could anyone hate her for being good in everything she does. Good thing to know their donating the proceeds to charity.

  4. Since Angelena refuses to marry Brad, I think it deserves stating - they are not married.

    Can't wait to hear your Patt Morrison show. That's so cool!