Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hollywood Glam

Nothing says cinema style to me like the glamour and elegance of J. Robert Scott. Founded in l972 by Hall of Fame designer Sally Sirkin Lewis, the luxury manufacturer was born out of the need to provide her clients with well made, stylish and uncompromising contemporary furnishings. Since this time the company has become a major design force with showrooms and representatives all over the world.

One of my favorite distinctions of a J. Robert Scott piece is the couture quality, the dressmaker details and fine artisanship. The upholstery techniques, exotic veneers and hand woven fabrics are similar to those of a haute couture house. In an industry often filled with mass produced, quantity over quality items, it's nice to know American workmanship still exists. Made in their factory in local Inglewood, California, it's not uncommon to find a loyal craftsman of twenty years applying a finishing touch with a squirrel brush. Their credo is "each piece must be flawless" and it shows.

Whenever I visit their showroom, I feel as if I have stepped back into the Golden Age of Hollywood. Jean Harlow would have been at home with a box of bonbons and her feet propped on the Bijou Pouf and I suspect Garbo would have "vanted to be alone" on the Garbo Settee.

J. Robert Scott will be hosting a reception for my book  Designs on Film this Wednesday, March 23rd. If you are in the area, please drop by the showroom and see what I am talking about firsthand. Pure luxury! And who knows, if my feet hurt you might find me reclining on a chaise as well. With bonbons.

J. Robert Scott
8737 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles
11:00 AM - 2 PM

Timothy Demi Lune

Garbo Settee

Georges II Console

La Camellia Fabric
Bijou Pouff

Art Deco Bench

Jean Harlow

Greta Garbo on the ultimate art deco set for The Kiss (1929)

On another note, for those of you who follow CBS's The Good Wife, check out set decorator Beth Kushnick's picks for Christie's Auction House series Arbiters of Style. Congrats Beth!

Photo Credits: J. Robert Scott, MGM


  1. Best wishes for your continued success on your tour!

  2. Thank you! Looks like a busy spring.

  3. Finally a blog with content on the thing I personally like most in film (as an amateur painter and drawer) : set design, production design, art direction.
    I need to order your book at Amazon, I'm sure I will enjoy reading it! best wishes from Belgium
    Immanuel Goddyn

  4. Immanuel,

    Glad to have you as a reader!Hope you enjoy the archives and pass along!

  5. this post is right up my alley!
    loved it.
    thank you.

  6. Thank you Renee!
    If you live in la (or nyc) be sure and visit their showroom.