Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nine Film Sets of the 20th Century

Fox News Magazine just posted a slideshow of the top film sets of the 20th Century as seen in my upcoming book Designs on Film: A Century of Hollywood Art Direction (Harper Collins). I am happy to report the publication date has been moved up to November 30th -- just in time for the holidays! (The title image for you non-film buffs is Gene Kelly in the classic An American in Paris (1951).

With over 400 images to choose from, we selected films that were representative of each decade from the Art Deco sets of the twenties to contemporary interiors of modern films today. You can see the slideshow here and the book is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Jean Harlow in MGM's  Dinner at Eight (1933) was one of the many Big White Sets of the period

Production designer Doug Kraner's contemporary interiors for the Julia Roberts
beach house in Sleeping With the Enemy (1991)

Photo Credits: MGM/Photfest, 20th Century Fox/Courtesy of Doug Kraner


  1. Congratulations on your upcoming publication, and just in time for the holidays! Wonderful news. Can't wait to see it.

  2. Thanks Beryn, I feel as if I am about to give birth!

  3. How exciting!!!!
    Your "Twitter" link does not exist--are you on "The Twitter?" I want to keep up with all your news, Cathy!

  4. Thanks for letting me know -- when I tried to redo the twitter gadget it cluttered up my site with tweets so will need to figure out.
    My twitter is catwhit
    Thanks for reading!

  5. I can't wait for your book...I have just pre-ordered it on Amazon. As a very keen film watcher and lover of interiors this will be a total joy for me.....xv

  6. Thanks Vicki!! Hope you enjoy -- the book's publication date has been moved up to November 30th.