Friday, November 19, 2010

All Things Royal

Word came across the pond this week of the engagement of Prince William and Kate (and was anyone really surprised?) and I have to wonder if this will be as celebrated, covered and commented on as the wedding of  Princess Diana and Charles. My guess is in this 24/7, celeb crazy news cycle we live in, the answer is yes. It will be the ultimate wedding reality show.

And speaking of the royals, word also came out recently that Keira Knightly will play the role of the ill-fated Princess and Helen Mirren as her mother, Frances Shand Kidd. Both Knightly and Mirren are no strangers to playing royals as The Dutchess and The Queen respectively were incredible performances.
The film is scheduled to debut around the time of what would have been Diana's 50th birthday. Lets hope the powers that be at Buckingham Palace keep that in mind when they set the upcoming wedding date.

Keira Knightly

One of the later shots of Diana

Shand-Kidd and Mirren

And for those of you who can't wait for the real thing, might I suggest renting the MGM musical Royal Wedding (1951). Fred Astaire and Jane Powell play a brother and sister dance team who find romance when they tour to London for the wedding of Elizabeth II. The film is noted for the complicated dance scene ("You're All the World To Me") where Astaire hoofs with a clothes tree and on the walls and ceiling of his hotel room while Powell is romanced by Lord John Brindale (played by Peter Lawford). The story is loosely based on Astaire and his real-life sister Adele. 

Astaire and Powell

Astaire and the "wallwalk" 

Powell with Peter Lawford and with great curtains as a backdrop

Photo Credits: Turner Classic Movies/MGM


  1. Oh you know it will be covered all the time. Think of how big Diana and Grace Kelly's weddings were - before the age of constant reporting.

  2. This is a fabulous post, but I really don't understand why people are so fascinated about the "royals".


    Luciane at

  3. Agreed, maybe the fascination is a diversion!

  4. Well, I guess it will be all over the place. I always found it kind of fascinating. My grandmother was infatuated by Diane and always told me I looked like her...LOL!
    I just read Deborah Mitford's biography Wait For Me! She writes quite beautiful about her life, although I was very reminded of my grandmother again. The values and political views.
    But she is incredibly accomplished in her own way, just thinking of managing this large estate, making it debt free and profitable.
    I thought of her, since she wrote about her friendship with Adele and Fred Astaire.
    Perhaps people are just intrigued by all that stateliness and inherited
    history, wealth and fame. Justified or not!
    Royal fun!

  5. I just hope Kate doesn't have to live the bird in a gilded cage lifestyle tht Diana endured.

  6. Cathy,

    I know it will be an everyday "spotting" and the wardrobe, designers, revealed. A fasciantion, just as with the stars!


    Art by Karena

  7. I hope you will cover the new movie "The King's Speech" with Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. This was a great post!

  8. Loving the picture of Fred Astaire on the ceiling